Our Work

We've worked with a range of fantastic Scottish and UK brands, big and small, new and old. We design to create connection between your brand to real people. If you're looking for a project that you can't see below, get in touch.

The Street by Amey
A Streetwise School Meals Brand from Amey.
Assist FM Conference 2023
Leading the Scottish Public Sector into the future
TV screens displaying a retro futuristic car for Assist FM Conference 2023
McAlpine Kneepads Branding
A brand for knees that work.
Product packaging design for McAlpine Plumbing kneepads with a utilitarian outline illustration of the product
McAlpine Kneepads Animation
Motion Graphics for trade kneepads
a blue shield symbolising McAlpine Kneepads protecting a knee against harm
McAlpine Plumbing Products
The UK's leading plumbing manufacturer
McAlpine Plumbing Animated Explainer Detail shot showing the Q10 product schematic drawing
Gizzi Ice Cream Brand
Transforming Scottish Italian Ice Cream
Eldorado Tonic Wine Marketing
A swanky new personality for a ubiquitous tonic wine
Eldorado Tonic Wine website desktop view
Kinder Cleaning
A cleaning brand, with cleaner branding. Dew Products
Dew Products Air Mist 300ml bottle packaging design
QAS Group Brand
The full brand package for copack giants QAS
Web Design for QAS Group showing multiple desktop views of the website
The Secret Garden
Revealing the secrets behind Old Curiosity gins in gorgeous video
Old Curiosity Gin / Secret Garden Apothecary Rose flavoured Gin and botanicals on a wooden background
The Ochil Fudge Pantry
Och, go on! A complete brand, packaging and strategy overhaul
Packaging design for The Ochil Fudge Pantry Just Plain Fudge and Scottish Tablet Gift Cubes
The Longest Day
Make 24 Hours Mater - The Mater Foundation
The Mater Foundation The Longest Day Campaign to 'Make 24 hours mater' posters, with a cyclist passing by.
Crusoe Rum
Scottish Craft Rum, A Legend Reborn
Crusoe Spiced Rum bottle lable design with a skull design and blackletter typography printed in black and red foil
52 Weeks Of Filshill
Leading the way with a year long video campaign
Wildire Deli Branding
Wildfire Delicatessen & Cafe Branding
Wildfire Delicatessen business card design by Totalize Media