McAlpine Plumbing

McAlpine Kneepads: A new product, a new style, a new animation.


Animation, Content, Motion Graphics

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a blue shield symbolising McAlpine Kneepads protecting a knee against harmMcAlpine Kneepads Logo & Tagline. Pain relief for knees that work.McAlpine Kneepads with award winning Redbacks Cushioning TechnologyMcAlpine Kneepads Kneepad InsertMcAlpine Kneepads leaf springsBlack & White cutout of Surgeons operating on a knee due to poor knee healthAn image of a plumber in a hospital bed, losing time and earnings due to knee health and recovery timeA hand writing a checklist for what tradespeople want from kneepadssocial proof from plumbers about McAlpine Kneepads saying, They don't deteriorate like cheaper proof from plumbers about McAlpine Kneepads saying, This product is the best out there. I use them every day. Brilliant product and don't half save your knees.
Project Team

Joanne Little
Alan Cunningham
George Galbraith