The Future of Auto-Playing Videos

The Future of Auto-Playing Videos

There are some pretty big browser changes that are already happening which will impact the way your auto-playing videos will play (or not!) in the future.

Luckily we’re a Wistia Agency Partner and they’ve put together a great solution which they’ve rolled out already. If you host your videos with Wistia, there’s a new muted autoplay feature in the Customize panel.

This new feature allows an auto-playing video, (which is muted) to autoplay on mobile.

Currently, on mobile – they don’t play at all. Browsers such as Safari and Chrome are starting to decide for you if an auto-playing video should play. They do this by looking at how you have previously interacted with videos on that webpage or with auto-playing videos in general. If they think you don’t want to see it – they’ll just block it!

Chrome is going to start doing this shortly and Safari has already been doing this for a few months. If you’re curious, you can read more about the browser changes from Chrome and Apple on their blogs.

This new Wistia feature has been created in such a way that if the auto-playing video has sound, it’ll play with sound. If the browser is blocking it, Wistia will display a thumbnail and a play button rather than just playing. For the best playback experience, we recommend that the autoplay start muted feature which will be consistent across all devices and browsers.


-Stuart Hatch, Videographer & Resident Pizza Enthusiast