That’s Crafty!

That’s Crafty!

Internationally, Scotland is well known as a land of food and drink, with Scottish food and drink exports being a significant contributor to our economy. Over the last ten years food exports from Scotland have increased by more than 50%. The Food and Drink sector accounts for 18.8% of the total manufacturing turnover – it is the biggest manufacturing sector in the country.
Scottish alcohol is also one of the main contributors to overall Scottish food and drink exports. Scottish whisky is projected to continue delivering and strong growth is still projected. The emergence of gin distilleries in Scotland has also made an impact with 70% of UK gin now being produced in Scotland, with the Scottish government foreseeing that Scottish gin could in time match the exports of Scottish whisky.
Scottish gin is also creating a tourism trend, with the UK Wine and Spirit Trade Association launching a Scottish Gin Trail encouraging tourists to visit 17 distilleries across the islands and mainland of Scotland. This is seen to be particularly important because around 40% of tourists take Scottish produce home with them.
The number of craft breweries in Scotland has risen significantly in the last few years. There were over 90 craft breweries in Scotland at the end of 2015 and figures are still rising. Craft beers have become commonplace in pubs and bars across the country, as a more popular alternative to mainstream lagers and ales. Following more well-known craft breweries like Brewdog and Innis and Gunn, a number of smaller breweries have sprung up, developing beers which showcase regional produce. And craft beer events are popping up all over the country, like the Edinburgh Craft Beer Revolution in November 2016, so the market is showing no sign of slowing down.


As a result, initiatives like the Craft Beer Clan have been set up not only to help Scottish craft brewers to get their products into mainstream pubs and shops in Scotland, but to also showcase them across the globe. With over 30 craft breweries already joined up to the initiative, the Craft Beer Clan will tap into markets where Scottish alcohol has already been successful internationally, in keeping with their ethos of “local going international”.


What’s your favourite craft beer or gin?


Watch out for tastings that we will be doing in our office and asking some clients to do on our behalf!