Taking On Obesity

Scotland is second only to the United States in the obesity statistics. We are now the second most obese nation in the world! Out of a population of 5.295 million, the proportion of people aged 16 to 64 who were overweight or obese in Scotland is 52%. This means that there are 1,767,864 obese people in Scotland in the 16- 64 age range.

There are currently 260,000 school aged pupils are overweight in Scotland, obesity is one of Scotland’s biggest health challenges.

According to official Scottish Government figures from 2015:

  • obesity could be costing Scotland up to £4.6bn a year
  • this is putting a “significant and growing burden” on the nation
  • The government has described obesity as one of Scotland’s next big health challenges

We are taking on the obesity challenge. Watch out soon for details on a national campaign that we hope will go some way to changing our current culture and giving people in Scotland the opportunity to become healthier and fitter.