Facebook Declares War on YouTube

Facebook Declares War on YouTube

Facebook loves to be on top of the competition, so far they have managed to acquire, outgrown and outpace most other social media networks.

2017 revealed all of the social media networks adopting video big time as a great source of advertising revenue. None more so than Facebook who are now trying to take on the world’s biggest video sharing platform YouTube with their new introduction, Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch is said to be a platform for creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money from their work.

For publishers, Watch seems to be a platform that can help them build a strong following and Facebook will share 55% of its ad revenue with them.

This will no doubt shake up the YouTube community who are already hinting at jumping ship due to constant issues with the platform that have seen their revenues and subscribers drop.



Facebook receives over 64 billion daily video views – if successful it will only be a matter of time before YouTube loses it’s number 1 position.

Although only currently available in the USA, it will be something that we will be watching closely at Totalize media when it comes to the UK. Especially for targeting 18-24-year-olds with 50% of them checking Facebook when they wake up every morning.

Find out more about Facebook Watch here.

– Stuart Hatch, Videographer