Scottish School Meals


Scottish School Meals


What We Did:

Logo / Branding / Advertising / Web Design / Animation / Video

Scottish School Meals is the consumer facing brand for the 32 Scottish Local Authority Caterers. For the past five years we have created and updated their website, produced social media campaigns and ran national promotions.


In the last year we have created a Scottish provenance brand – Scot’s Origin – that is rolling out across the country. We are also about to embark on a major national campaign trying to focus on one of Scotland’s biggest issues – the rise of childhood obesity.

From Logo’s and Websites to National Campaigns and more!

We crafted a new identity consisting of a logo, website, ongoing informational videos, micro-sites, animation and much more. The identity was designed to convey the importance of improving understanding, opinion, and ultimately to start to have a positive effect on the health of Scottish school children, by promoting greater food standards and products in schools nationwide.

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