North Ayrshire


North Ayrshire Council


What We Did:

Branding/ Event Management/ Advertising


North Ayrshire Council are not a typical local authority caterer. Rather, they are a multi-award winning organisation that is innovative, forward-thinking, and is only happy when they produce a great level of service and product.


In the past five years they have won over twenty national awards. They work in partnership with Taste Ayrshire, The Cook School Scotland, and Scottish Government departments and have been very marketing focussed.


We have worked with North Ayrshire Council for over seven years. In that time we have created their Savour brand, ran advertising campaigns, produced marketing material for all the areas of their business, helped co-ordinate events, filmed a series of videos across different sectors, produced promotional ideas for competitions and for highlighting issues such as healthy eating, hydration and local provenance.

North Ayrshire Council’s catering service has been at the forefront of the school meals service for the past five years. They constantly strive to ‘engage’, ‘educate’ and ‘energise’ their customers, and they have always understood that marketing is an important part of their business.
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