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KeyStore More


What We Did:

Branding / Video / Interior Design

With over 160 KeyStores and KeyStore Express’s in their portfolio across Scotland and northern England, KeyStore decided to widen their portfolio by creating a brand offering that gave customers a broader service and a more extensive choice. They required a brand that both tied into their existing brands, but was more upmarket and represented their more premium products and services. We created a new brand and mark, partnered with a new interior design scheme and video marketing to introduce and drive the brand, reinforcing the more premium offer to both shop owners and customers at every step of the journey resulting in a marked increase in profit.


The results? Fourteen new KeyStore More shops opened in the last eight months and many more in the pipeline with customers benefiting with an increase in turnover of up to 16%.

In developing the KeyStore More brand, we examined the existing brands and marks. While we kept the very visible and known “KeyStore” wordmark, we changed the tones of the colours used to feel more regal and upmarket. Through typography and other elements, we managed to keep the brand consistent enough with their other stores while still signalling that these stores are very different. There are more products, more deals, better service. At every turn the brand offers more.

Interior Design & Shop Branding


Inside KeyStore More we advised a new colour palette, steering things away from the Pine & Natural Wood fixtures of previous stores, and instead advising new light slate tile work, silvers and whites to compliment the new brand’s colour scheme. Signage was made more prominent, and legible. New lighting was also introduced, brightening up the store atmosphere and environment.

A New Look


Partnering with the new branding, we revitalised the look of all other assets including price points, leaflets and offers. We based the new 3-weekly offer brochure on a clean 9 square grid layout, used throughout the window branding and all other assets, to give it a fresh new look that was modular and functional.

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