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J.W. Filshill


What We Did:

Video / Animation



Scottish Wholesale Association Awards Best Marketing Initiative 2018

After completing the Filshill re-branding in 2016, the next stage of the marketing strategy was to differentiate the organisation in the marketplace. Filshill wanted to engage with their customers and suppliers. They wanted to show that they were leaders in their market, that they understood their industry and were at the forefront in every aspect of their business.


Together with Filshill, we created an 18 month¬†long video marketing campaign. These videos covered everything form the business’ history, to staff and hiring procedures, adding personality to the brand, sharing the company values, capturing new business and reinforcing their current customer service with video content.


We are delighted that Filshill won the Best Marketing Initiative 2018 at the Scottish Wholesale Association Awards.


We carried the spirit of Filshill into these videos and animations. As well as acknowledging their strong history, Filshill wanted to embrace the future. We created a series of friendly but informative animations and illustrations to be used across all Filshill media that could not only project the brand’s message but also inform and educate!







Congratulations to Filshill again on a job well done and a well deserved award!

Click to view the whole series on Youtube!

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