J.W. Filshill


What We Did:

Logo / Branding / Advertising / Web Design

J.W. Filshill is a Scottish family company who are modern and forward looking and who know that their success is due to their strong working relationships with their customers and suppliers. They have been awarded over 50 industry awards in the last decade.


With 140 years of experience in the Scottish convenience sector, J.W. Filshill know what it takes to run a business. Their KeyStore brand is now one of the most recognised convenience store brands in Scotland.

We developed a marketing strategy for both J.W.FILSHILL and for their ‘Keystore’ brand. This led to the development of a new company brand identity, as well as a suite of marketing collateral, including new websites for both brands, trade advertising, vehicle livery design and development of a community campaign. The strapline ‘We’ll support You Evermore’ was created. This strapline is now utilised for both Filshill’s B2B campaign and Keystore’s B2C campaigns.


Bringing the brand in-line with Filshill’s focus on customer and retailer experience we streamlined both the front-end company website and back-end retailer website. Retailers were givien an overhauled, modern, mobile ready online shop from which to buy their goods with efficiency and ease.