Downs Syndrome Fundraiser 2018


Down’s Syndrome Scotland


What We Did:


Down’s Syndrome Scotland are one of our two chosen corporate charities, the other being HIT Scotland. Like most small charities Down’s Syndrome Scotland rely on fundraising events, and donations to fund their many activities. Every two years The Down’s Syndrome Fund Raising Ball is held to help raise some of these much-needed funds. Our Director Suzie Cunnigham has organised and managed the last two Fund Raising Balls, raising over £100,000 for the charity. The last ball was at the Glasgow Hilton in March 2017.


We designed and produced the programmes and the fundraising video for the event, interviewing several members of the community with Down’s Syndrome, showing their day to day lives and celebrating their achievements to show why Down’s Syndrome Scotland is a charity worth supporting. Watch the videos below!

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