Automate Your Social Media

Automate Your Social Media

‘I just don’t have enough time.’

It’s a regularly heard phrase in our business.

Resource is one of the most expensive items in any organisation, and with the proliferation of social media channels and online marketing, that resource gets constantly stretched.

Creating content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, as well as the news section on your website is a very time-consuming activity. Add email marketing into the mix and even more time is taken up.

So much so that it is difficult to get time to think about the way forward for the company, or to review the marketing strategy for your products or services.

There is software out there that automates some of the process but you still need to have some knowledge of coding and content management systems to be able to even scratch the surface.

So how would you like to gain time to think more about your marketing?

How would you like to automate all your online and social content from one post?

How would you like all your content to look seamless and to target different messages at different social media audiences?

How would you like great content created for you that works on every channel?

This could be video or posts or a mix. It all depends on your marketing strategy and your audience.

We have built some really effective websites for clients using universal WordPress themes. From these we can format the website, utilise code and create templates that will work for all social media, so that (in basic terms) we can create a blog on the website and this will automatically trigger content on all social media platforms, as well as automated email campaigns.

We can also reverse engineer this so that a Facebook post would create a blog on the website automatically.

An example of this Automated Journey is as follows:

  • Post is written as a blog to the website
  • That post is then automatically filtered, and if certain criteria are met, the content is formatted, unnecessary content removed, and content can be split into relevant sections.
  • If other criteria are met, content can be filtered so only certain sections go to certain social channels.
  • This content is then automatically scheduled for set times and posted to the relevant social channels.
  • Content is then posted on all relevant social channels.
  • Posts from WordPress can be automatically posted to an RSS – this feed is then used in a MailChimp campaign, set to automatically email out updates every week, two weeks or month, of the most recently posted content.

This creates a constant stream of content to all social media channels, based on the creation of one blog post, releasing your time.

Ask yourself, how much is your time worth?

This automation process greatly reduces hours and will enable a full marketing campaign to be managed without having to employ a new resource or take up your own valuable time.

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